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SH0101A - 20WSH0101A - 20W

SH0101A - 20W

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SH01A series LED light are ultimate replacement LED light fixtures.

It is suitable for high temperature rangeshigh dust level and humidity.

SH01A series LED light has been developed to ensure maximum energy effciency in combination with modern technologies in lighting regulation.

Main Features

• Can adjust the luminaire beam angle

• Honey brique e burning effect the whole structure with cooling technologythe housing is below 380 Cthe radiator is below 50 0C and solder jointer is 61oC after heat balance.

• Multi-circuit constant-current driver single module hot-pluggabletool-free onsite maintenance.

• High luminous flux 130-150ImlW.

• Ergonomic light distribution to achieve even illuminating effect.

• A varity of way installation can be uesd.

SHOlA series lights use new MS02 modules have higher efficacy than old design two types of installation can use as flood light and high bay Jow bay Adopting many Shine technical patents and special materials. and after using of harsh environmental t ting thus coming out such a perfect street light with simple appearanceeasy to installno tool maintenanceand long life span.

LED Flood Light


Two types of instaOation can adjust the beam angle

LED Flood Light

1-10V Dimming for Energy Savings.

DALI for remote monitoring and reporting and networking. Integrated Dynadim for hassle free wireless dimming. Adjustable output current for the driver as requirements. Intelligent programmable and over all energy savings

LED Flood Light

Using high transparency PMMA

lens and light trasmittance up to 99%

LED Flood Light

High Luminous high efficiency and low lumen depreciation

LED Flood Light

Independent multi-circuit constant-current output

Each circuit is independently controlled; any failure in single circuit does not affect the normal work ofother circuits. If a single LED unit is damaged, the current distribution isalso even in the entire series

and parallel structure, thus protect the whole system and make sure the life span as long as possible.

LED Flood Light

Tool-free maintenance

Use special structural design to achieve the manual disassembly and installation of lighting components, in consideration that the high-power lights are generally installed in higher operating environment,

the operators require as few tools as possible for their convenience and security.

LED Flood Light

Heat dissipation of the whole structure:

The design aims to fully utilize the surface area of structural parts to transfer heat to air. The Tj is lower than 55°C after heat balance

LED Flood Light

ItemPower/WModule QTYNW/KgIP RatingSize/MMCTN Size/MM

LED Flood Light

LED Flood Light

LED Flood Light

1.Use expansion bolts to secure the fixture on mounting surface.

2. Keep enough length wires to ensure adjusting angle unhindered.

3.Adjust the fixture to an apposite orientation, tighten the screws.

4.Use water-proof outlet box cove

LED Flood Light